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It all started when I was trying to arrange the first movement of Mozart's Sonata in C for solo ukulele. It was mostly going smoothly, until suddenly I hit a snag. The second theme has these scales running all over the place, over several octaves. There I was, stuck with a two octave range, wondering what to do. I could lower some of the runs down an octave, but that would kill the up, up, up feel. Or I could change them so that they didn't quite go up in so straight a line, but that's really rewriting Mozart, and who wants to do that? So, I decided to write a piece of Mozart-ish music. My thinking was that, if I wrote it myself, I could keep it idiomatic to the ukulele. It would fit. It did, and from there the rest of the duets followed.

The trick here is to maintain a sense of lightness. This is supposed to sound fun. The fast passages should fit together simply, not aggressively, and the end should feel like a traditional, Classical "ta da!" If you need to slow things down, slow things down. The point is to get the feel, not to strangle out the notes.