By clicking one of the links above, you can find out more about the compositions, both in terms of how they came into being, as well as performance and technical advice.

The 10 Etudes and 6 Duets can be purchased from the Home page for £8 each, along with accompanying audio files.


Why write ukulele music?

When I first picked up the ukulele, I went off in search of original music for the instrument. Scores written specifically for the ukulele. They are, as it turns out, hard to find. Which was really the impetus for my own ukulele composing. There are hordes of arrangements. Some of these are wonderful, exquisite pieces of music. There are also many compositions which have never been published as scores. Some of these are challenging, incredibly personal statements by performers. What there is relatively little of is what might be termed pure ukulele compositions, especially when one looks at the repertoire of other instruments.

I think if something sets my works apart from the current norm it's that these works are designed to be performed by you. I wrote them for you to play. I enjoy playing them, of course, otherwise I wouldn't have written them. But they are not a vehicle for my own playing. I don't particularly care about being that guy who plays ukulele, but I would love to be known as that guy who writes ukulele music.

I hope you enjoy playing these works as much as I've enjoyed writing them. If you have any questions, comments, advice or even suggestions for future compositions, please don't hesitate to contact me.