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I wanted to write a bluegrass piece. As I approached it, I began to realise that, while I thought a knowledge of bluegrass would be automatic to anyone who spent their childhood watching The Beverley Hillbillies, in practice, what makes bluegrass "bluegrass" is infinitely more complicated. I listened to some of Danny Baker's legendary fiddle playing, and was struck particularly by his playing in minor, which could be extremely mournful, or perhaps in a more bluegrass vein, lonesome. So, I headed down the road less travelled, and tried to hold on to minor. I don't mind saying that the sections in major were much, much easier.

On the surface, this is quite a simple piece: the first player plays a series of rapid pull-offs, while the second does an almost non-stop boom-chucka-boom-chucka rhythm. In practice, the second part isn't too bad once you've got the knack of the alternating bass. The first part is tricky, simply because the piece flies by at a breakneck 200bpm, and so you're constantly shifting from here to there, and needing to get nice clean pull-offs. It might be the trickiest part in the whole set, depending on your prior experience. But when you get it right, I think it is uniquely satisfying.