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Hana means work, and that is precisely what this etude is meant to be. It takes the finger-picking idea of the first two etudes, and speeds up the position changes. What is required is that the right-hand technique be second nature, so that you can focus on shifting up and down the neck.

The slow middle section reflects moments of pause, the brief interlude between work and yet more work.


If you have Pulelehua and Halu'a mastered, the first and third section of this etude should be relatively straightforward. Just keep moving. There are some stretches, but they are far enough up the fretboard that they shouldn't offer too much trouble.

The middle section is deceptively challenging. It is quite slow, but most of it involves big stretches of seven frets. Try to maintain the lower chords when playing the top accent notes. This requires a fair bit of finger strength. If you find these difficult, Owyhee might be a good starting point for developing some stretches and stronger barre shapes.